A top down action adventure game with roguelite elements! Fast paced combat -- fast paced fun! Random items augment and change your abilities, sometimes quite radically.
For 1-2 players!

Project Soulbound isn’t just about doing run after run and finding cool loot. Our goal is to make a captivating experience for roguelite fans by inviting them to a fun story and memorable characters. We aim to elevate the roguelite playstyle by keeping the fun and challenge of the genre while also investing players in our world, its characters and story.


Our Main Characters are quirky, unique and all play different. Their different playstyles alter how you approach the game. Different kinds of characters for different players to fall in love with.


Something has affected the world and turned everything upside down! Video game consoles have gained sentience and rats band together under a new feudal system… And most are out for blood-- yours! What is behind all the chaos?

city concept

Players who enjoy the random and chance aspects of a roguelite but wish it was more of an adventure. Players who don’t just want to finish a roguelike to be done with it, but players who are also looking for something to be emotionally engaged with. A chance to be invested in a story and likeable characters. To see and guide the player characters through peril and hardship that the story puts them through.